Visa Recommendation

Visa Recommendation

Visa Recommendation Letters

Pakistan Association of Tour Operators(PATO)) issues Visa Recommendation letters to its active members to facilitate them in grant of visas.

Criteria for Issuance of Visa Recommendation Letter

PATO issues visa recommendation letters to its active members only for business visits that intend to go abroad for purpose of tourism promotion or want to invite some person from foreign country as a tourist. These letters are issued for departure and arrival.

Documentary Requirements for Visa Letter:

Following documents are required for issuance of visa recommendation letter:-

Letter for Departure

  • Request on letterhead signed by the authorized representative.
  • Copy of invitation letter from the country which the member intends to visit.
  • Passport copy of departing person.
  • If the visitor is an employee, list of firm’s employees.
  • In case of employee, an undertaking by the firm that it was sponsoring the visit and the employee would return to Pakistan within due date of visa.

Letter for Arrival

  • Request on letter head signed by the authorized representative.
  • Name of arriving person and nationality.
  • Copy of arriving person’s passport.