Meetings & Elections

GENERAL BODY MEETINGS 1.Annual Meetings The annual meeting of the general body shall be held once a year, within of the close of the financial year of the Association to transect the following business.

  • to read and confirm the minutes of the last meeting of the general body.
  • to consider and adopt the annual audited statement of accounts of the Association for the proceeding year as duly approved by the executive committee.
  • to appoint auditor for the ensuring year and fix their honorarium, if any.
  • to receive and approve the budget for the enduring as drawn by the cabinet.
  • to transect such other business as may have been included in the agenda by the general body.
  • to consider any other matter, raised by a member and permitted by the president.
2.Special Meetings Special meeting of the general body can be. convened from time to time by the general body or by the President to transect specified business. shall be called by the President or Secretary on a written requisition by 1/3 of the total members of the general body, four weeks of the receipt of the requisition. in case of failure to convene a meeting within 30 days of the receipt of requisition by the elected president, requisitions themselves may convene the meeting within three weeks by issuing a notice to all the members. Decisions taken in such meetings shall be treated as if taken: in the meeting called by the president, provided’that the business mentioned in the requisition is transacted and quorum is complete 3.Emergent Meetings In any emergency situation, the general body shall have the power to call an emergent meeting of the general body after a notice of seven days . 4.Adjourned Meetings A meeting will be con~idered adjo?rned~”ifthe quorum is not complete after passing half an hour of scheduled time of meeting. All the adjourned meetings specified un the agenda of the orignal meeting shall be transacted. New quorum shall be necessary for the adjourned meeting. A requisitioned meeting shall stand dissolved if within one hour of the scheduled time, if the quorum is not complete. Notice for a General Body Meeting An advance notice period will be required for,
  • 15 days for an annual general meeting
  • 03 days for a special meeting
  • 01 day for an emergent general meeting
Procedure for Notice An advance notice shall be sent to all the members for a general body meeting, by email or by fax or by post to their registered address by ordinary post. Quorum The quorum will be followed as per the given formula
  • 113 participation of members for a meeting of general body
  • no quorum required for adjourned meetings
  • in case of equal votes for any decision, the President has a casting vote


  • shall be elected by the members
  • sh311be elected for two financial years
  • shall resign 30 days before the new elections
After resignation of the general body, the President will nominate an ad hoc committee, which will,
  • not include any member from outgoing committee
  • not include any member from candidates for elections.
  • make the arrangements for the elections
  • will perform the routine work of the Association
  • will stay for maximum 30 days after formation
  • will stay for maximum 30 days after formation
  • will be automatically dissolved, failing to hold elections in due period.
In case of dissolution of the ad hoc committee, the President will nominate a fresh committee to conduct elections. The elections will be conducted under the supervision of President or by a nominated person by the President, who himself shall not be a candidate in the elections. The elections will be held by one of the following procedure, recommended by the members I general body,
  • open ballot
  • postal ballot
  • secret ballot