Become a Member

The basic concept to establish this private, non-commercial,-profitable, non-political, non-government, non-sectarian social welfare organization, is the following, Read More..

Any tour operator who has a licence of operation from the Directorate  of Tourist Services, Ministry of Tourism, Government of Pakistan can be a member  of the association; however the other qualities will be the following, Read More

The organization   shall  consist of Executive Committee as well as General Body. The general body  of the association will be composed of life and regular members. Read More

The annual meeting of the general body shall be held once a year, within of the close of the financial year of the Association to transect the following business., Read More

The Association may be dissolved in accordance Article;  No.  10 to  12 of  the  Voluntary Social Welfare  Agencies,  ( Registration & Control) Ordinance   –  1961, Read More